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Lemonade Series

Bitter SweeT Fresh summer drink with Cranberries Bitter yet sweet

The Pink Lime, lemon, strawberries Blended into a delightful lemonade for your pleasure

Tropical Rush Honeydew meets Passion Fruit Side of lemon a fresh Fusion Between sweet and sour

The Summer Elderflower, lemon, what a pair Swedish summer in one sweet symphony

Top Secret

Top Secret – Strawberry Cream. Smooth sundae with strawberries and cream. The sweetest of fruits, the smoothest of cream. Everyone’s favourite wimbledon treat.

Top Secret – Berries and Cream. A rich and creamy vape with berries and cream. An addictive smooth flavour with just the right amount of sweetness.

Top Secret – Tropical Cream. Packed with exotic fruits and cream. A smooth, sweet all day vape with the tangy, zesty flavour you would expect from a handfull of exotic fruits.

Another F*ck*ng

Another F*ck*ng Tart - Creamy rich vape with lemon and meringue, not to sweet but just right

Another F*ck*ng Custard -Custard the RingEJuice way a thick an nice vanilla custard with coconut, a true ADV.

Another F*ck*ng Bulle -

Cinnamon bun the way my wife does it, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla that’s gives the best bun in the world.


Cuba Libre - The classic that never gets old. Cola, Lime and Rum.

Strawberry Mojito - fresh drink perfectly balanced.

Gin & Tonic - Perfect blend of fruit and gin with secret ingridients to reach perfection.

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